Website Work

I have quite a long history of developing websites. From 1995 – 2000, I worked at Rosetta, Inc., a gaming software development company. It is no longer in business, but being there gave me the opportunity to build and maintain my own employee web page on their site. To do so, I had to teach myself HTML. Eventually, I was promoted to be Rosetta’s Webmaster.

In 2000, I left the company to go back to school to get my Masters in Clinical Psychology. During this time, I kept my own website and even did a couple of others for people I knew. I graduated in 2002 and went to work in the mental health field as a therapist.

After 10+ years as a counselor, I felt my love of writing, editing and web work tugging harder at me. Currently, I am moving towards retirement from the mental health field and ramping back up as a writer and website designer/manager. I look back to 1995, when I coded websites by hand using HTML, and marvel at how far technology has come! I am a big fan of WordPress, but I can use just about any site design software, service (such as GoDaddy and SiteBuilder) and even can still code manually. Click HERE for some Frequently Asked Questions about my web work.

Take a gander at the websites I currently maintain, all of which I created from scratch (with the exception of the PCPAAA site, which was already established) and change at the direction of its owner(s).

  • Pearland Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association: this site was very boring and serious when I took over as Webmaster in 11/13. I added some new pages, pictures and tried to make it more fun without losing its professionalism.
  • The 10th Annual Pear Run: this is an event site, which will be used every year for the Run and most likely taken down in between. I recently took over as Webmaster in 1/14 and ended up creating this site from scratch, with permission, after looking at last year’s site and finding it aesthetically and informationally unacceptable.
  • Pat Rogers, Realtor: this is a new page for Pat Rogers, who recently left another company and signed with Realty Associates. She had one day before her other site was to be taken down when she called and asked me to build her a new site. Fortunately, I was able to get what I needed from the old site and point the DNS to her new site before her former company denied her access to her old site. We have collaborated on much of the text and I add new listings, move sold ones, and update listing status. I just recently got Pat active on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Living Self-Care: I was asked a couple of years ago by one of this site’s original creators to collaborate with her on writing content. Last year, we decided the page needed a facelift, so I changed the WordPress theme, simplified the menus and changed up all of the widgets. Basically, it became a new site without losing all of the old content.
  • The Silvercreek Tribune: this is a lifestyle site for my area that ended up taking the place of our defunct newsletter. It started out to be an informational site for just the neighborhood, but has expanded to include city, county, state and even national information in the 2 years it has been in existence. I collect and post the information from multiple sources as well as maintain and manage the site.
  • Dr. Diane Sanford: Diane is an associate of mine who wanted to launch a new look along with her new business focus. I created it from scratch and changed it per her direction, using her pictures and copy.
  • 100 Club of Pearland: this site just went live on 3/14/14. It’s for a local organization that provides insurance and financial assistance for injured and fallen officers and their families. Also manage the Facebook page.
  • JP’s Pool Service: this site is in progress. It is for a local businessman who is just starting up and promoting his business. I also set up his Facebook page.
  • The Center for Postpartum Family Health: this site just went live on 3/14/14. This group of therapists work with new moms and their families who are affected by postpartum mood disorders.

Along with these sites, I have also been asked to design and maintain Facebook pages for the PCPAAA and the Pear Run. Before I took over in 11/13, the PCPAAA page didn’t have much on it at all. I post more often and have added humor and more interactive conversations. The Pearland Pear Run page was non-existent, so I created it from scratch in 1/14 and provide content along with the Pear Run Chairperson. I also maintain The Silvercreek Tribune’s Facebook page.


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