Writing: I have always loved to write and am pretty darn good at it, if I do say so myself. One of my English teachers in college once told me that I should, “Quit school now and go write the next Great American Novel!” That obviously didn’t happen (yet), but I have written quite a lot over the years. In 2007, I self-published a book called What About Me? A Simple Guide to Self-Care in the 21st Century. I know there’s another book in me, but it hasn’t taken shape quite yet. I am also a reporter for our local paper, The Pearland Journal.

Editing: I have been the “go to” person for editing for my friends, family and colleagues for over a decade. I have been accused of being a “Grammar Nazi” (though I prefer the term Grammar Goddess) many, many, many times. It’s a gift and a curse because I can’t help but notice spelling and grammar mistakes. It also bugs me when something doesn’t sound right or doesn’t convey the message that it’s intended to. So, I guess I am a little OCD about these things, which makes me a great editor, but an annoying person to be around. I am well-read and love to read for fun. I’m currently into non-fiction, memoirs and biographies and I hope to never stop learning!

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My story, Thank God I Had Postpartum Depression (Birth/Rebirth) is in Volume 3 of the Thank God I…series of books. Email me if you’d like to read it!



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